JLK Glass Art
JLK Glass Art
  • Garden studio

    I am based in Burghfield Common, near Reading. Working in my garden studio, I create individual stained glass items such as panels, screens, lamps, sun-catchers and other small objects.


    Studio bench

    I am inspired by the natural world and the changing seasons and how these effect light, colour and movement. The glass itself is tactile and each type has different characteristics which reacts differently when being handled. The colour and intensity of the glass is a fundamental part of the overall effect.

     I form my ideas through drawings and sketches, which I then draw out into a  working drawing. 

    Shell mirror


    Each piece of glass is cut by hand to fit the pattern and the edges ground smooth where needed. At this stage any paintwork is applied and fired in my kiln, and I am beginning to experiment with etching and engraving. Pieces are then made up using one of two techniques. Traditional lead cames of differing widths make a delicate but strong and durable structure.  Alternatively, I use the copper foiling technique suitable for smaller pieces of glass, where each piece is surrounded with adhesive copper foil prior to being soldered together.  

    I am taking part in Open Studios 2018 and will be open to visitors on selected dates in May. For further information please click here: http://www.open-studios.org.uk/artists/_studio31.php#Julia Kellaway.

    I am also taking part in the Cover2cover sketchbook project. My sketchbook will be displayed in the West Berkshire Museum during Open Studios.